Jean-Michel Delire jmdelire at ULB.AC.BE
Wed Jun 24 06:37:18 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I am going to stay in Jaipur for some time next month.
As an historian of Indian science, I am very interested by the achievements of Jai Singh II and I have collected as much written information as I could about the subject.
In Jaipur, I already had the occasion to thoroughly see the observatory (as well as in Delhi and Ujjain) and, as every tourist, the Man Singh Museum, the Palace and different famous buildings.
But I have the feeling that I inevitably missed something that could give me some more information on Jai Singh's time. For instance, I never had the opportunity to visit the Palace Library. I am also looking for ancient, no more available, publications about Jaipur.
Could anyone give me some advice about the people I should meet there, the not too famous historical places/museums I should visit, etc. ?

Thank you for your help

Secretary of the Altaïr Centre for the History of Science,
Part-time lecturer on Indian Science and Civilization, University of Brussels

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