eJIM (eJournal of Indian Medicine): new website and new publications

Jan Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jun 22 21:37:26 UTC 2009

message forwarded from indology committee

eJIM, the  eJournal of Indian Medicine, has a new website:  http://www.indianmedicine.ub.rug.nl or http://www.indianmedicine.nl. 
Access to the journal is free, but users have to register if they want to read the full articles. Registered users will be notified by email on publication of a new issue of the journal.
eJIM is a multidisciplinary periodical that publishes studies on South Asian medical systems by qualified scholars in philology, medicine, pharmacology, botany, anthropology and sociology. Authors from India, Sri Lanka and adjoining countries are cordially invited to contribute.
The table of contents of the last issue of eJIM:  “On the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medical treatment: humoural pharmacology, positivistic science, and soteriology”, by Maarten Bode.
eJIM also publishes supplements. The first supplement is:  “The trees called śigru (Moringa sp.), along with a study of the drugs used in errhines”, by Jan Meulenbeld.
Roelf Barkhuis
Publisher of eJIM
Eelde, the Netherlands


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