Middle Indic textbook?

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Dear Dr.Smith,
Pischel's is more a synchronic description of liiterary Prakrit. Chatterji-Sen's MIA Reader was accompanied by a grammar. These paid attention to inscriptional Prakrit too and from a delopmental point of view. As far as I know, the idea of Apabhramsa as a short lived intermediate stage between MIA and NIA  was Chatterji's.  But one knows more of his view from the introductory part of the ODBL. I do not think that sufficient attention has been paid to the development aspect of inscriptional Prakrit. Scholars cite Asokan parallels and the matter ends. Diachronic desriptions will be found.
The BORI/Pune works are mostly synchronic barring one on Apabhramsa (Tagare). 
I am unaware of recent developments, if any

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What's the most authoritative account of the development of Middle Indic? Is it Pischel's book of more than a century ago? Or is there something more recent? Also, how has the work of S.K. Chatterji on Middle Indic and Bengali held up?


Fred Smith

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