Middle Indic textbook?

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The following have information not found in Pischel:

Das ältere Mittelindisch im Überblick / Oskar von Hinüber, The structure and
development of Middle Indo-Aryan dialects / Vit Bubenik
A historical syntax of late Middle Indo-Aryan (Apabhraṃśa) / Vit Bubeník
Introduction to Prakrit [by] A.C. Woolner
The Indo-Aryan Languages, ed. Cardona & Jain (a few articles on

There are also several valuable articles on Asokan in K. R. Norman's
Collected Papers.  The Sanskrit-Prakrit grammars can be of interest in terms
of how Sanskrit writers viewed and grouped these languages.  *Nitti*-*Dolci*
, *Luigia*: 1938, Les grammairiens *prakrits is a good intro with references
to all the major prakrit grammars in Sanskrit.  I'm sure there's much more,
but those are the major works that come to mind.  Hope that helps.*


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> What's the most authoritative account of the development of Middle Indic?
> Is it Pischel's book of more than a century ago? Or is there something more
> recent? Also, how has the work of S.K. Chatterji on Middle Indic and Bengali
> held up?
> Thanks
> Fred Smith

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