Scholarship to study Jainism in India

Pankaj Jain pankaj-jain at UIOWA.EDU
Mon Jan 26 00:46:19 UTC 2009

International Summer School for Jain studies (ISSJS)

May 30th -July 21 , 2009

The ISSJS program is intended to provide 
scholars in philosophy, religion, anthropology, theology and South Asian 
studies with an opportunity to pursue Jain studies in India from May 30 to 
July 21 2009. 
During this period, scholars will study in the 
North Indian cities of Delhi, Jaipur and 
Varanasi. While in or on way to Jaipur,
students will go on short trips or excursions to 
nearby areas in Rajasthan. 

The course of study follows a daily schedule 
of lectures by notable Indian scholars 
covering a range of topics from Jain history 
and philosophy to rituals practices and 
contemporary Jain life. An integral part of 
this program is the opportunity to 
contextualize what is learned in the 
classroom by visiting academic, historical 
places of interests, interacting with Jain 
communities and participating in cultural 

In addition, ISSJS will provide language 
tutorial for students already engaged in the 
study of Prakrit and Sanskrit. Tutorials will be 
based on student requests for two to four 
weeks during the program. 

Please note: In 2009, ISSJS will also offer a 
One month long parallel program (June 7th 

till July 6th 2009) introduction and basics of 
Jainism, its philosophy, history and culture. 
This program is primarily intended for 
professors–teachers and research scholars 
in other streams like art, ethics, history, 
education etc. with interest in Jain studies 
as well as senior undergraduate students 
who might be interested in pursuing 
graduate studies in Jainism. 


This program is open to all scholars teaching 
at or students enrolled in any accredited 
university worldwide only. 

*All applicants are expected to be fluent in 
English since this is the medium of instruction. 

* Specialization in Jainism is not expected. 
However, successful program applicants will 
have prior experience in the academic 
study of South Asia Studies or Religion with 
long-term goals within these fields. 
* While this is a non-sectarian program, due 
to the fact that students are intimately 
engaged with the Jain community, 
applicants must be willing to respectfully 
adhere to certain Jain principles while in 
India. Please see our website for further 
How to Apply 

You can download the application form 
from the ISSJS website and email or mail the 
complete application to ISSJS. ISSJS accepts 
applications throughout the year but the 
deadline to apply for the 2009 program is 
February 14th 2009. If you have questions 
about the application process, contact ISSJS 
at info at . 

Program cost and Financial Package 

ISJS provides a good financial package such 
as complete hospitality in India, tuition fees, 
some travels and cash stipends etc. 

Almost all scholars admitted to the two 
months program are offered travel grant, 
complete hospitality in India and some cash 
stipend also. 

NOTE: The only charge in India from each 
participant (two month and one month 
program) will be a sum of $300 (to be paid to 
ISJS India to cover the cost of visits to a few 
selected Jain historical and religious places 
in India in connection with ISSJS program for 
a maximum of 3 days and other incidental 
expenses connected with the program.

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