Valerie J Roebuck vjroebuck at MACUNLIMITED.NET
Sat Jan 24 07:39:16 UTC 2009

I can't see any conch-demon in this picture. The nearly central 
figure in the water looks like a demon with an ass's head or similar, 
plunging head first.

Valerie J Roebuck

At 12:57 pm -0800 23/1/09, Stefan Baums wrote:
>Dear Valerie et al.,
>>The conch-demon is S'ankhaasura ... depicted in painted sets of 
>>Avataras from the 18th-19th century, but I haven't got an example 
>>to hand.
>here is an example from the University of Virginia Art Museum 
>(second image from the top):
>Unfortunately rather small, and I'm not sure I see the conch, unless 
>it is the orange object floating in the river in the bottom left of 
>the painting.
>All best,
>Stefan Baums
>Asian Languages and Literature
>University of Washington

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