e-mail address of Saroja Bhate

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The best way to contact Dr. Saroja Bhate these days is to email to: bori1 at vsnl.net .  Specify in the subject-line:  "Message for Dr. Bhate."  She is the current secretary of the Bhandarkar Institute.  I was recently in Pune and she responded to my emails sent to the Institute's email address.  Best,

Madhav Deshpande
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The address I have for her is: saroja at bhates.net.  I hope this is still active.  George Cardona

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>Dear colleagues,
>I urgently need the latest e-mail address and telephone number of Dr.Saroja Bhate. The ones I have seem not to be working anymore.
>If someone sends them to me off the list, I would be highly obliged.
>Best wishes,
>Marina Orelskaya.

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