Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Fri Jan 16 20:04:46 UTC 2009

I once saw a nice contemporary poster illustrating a lot of British or British-American proverbs in the window of a closed business (not a poster shop, alas).  Unfortunately I couldn't get the publication information and have never seen it since.  If anyone knows of it please contact me.

Oops!  I think it must have been one of the three Proverbidioms of T.E. Breitenbach, visible at < >.  He also has several other rather Brueghelian or maybe Boschian posters available.  Time to order for the bath room.


""Hitting the branch of the tree on which one sits" (below) sounds like it 
could be a Brueghelian proverb - can you find it in the big painting?

Or, on second thought, maybe it's  a Nepali proverb.

Or both.


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