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"Hitting the branch of the tree on which one sits" (below) sounds like it 
could be a Brueghelian proverb - can you find it in the big painting?

Or, on second thought, maybe it's  a Nepali proverb.

Or both.


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<Dutch provincial and very religious universities (fortunately very few of 
Should one really feel fortunate that institutions with religious 
orientation are few? Many make a living out of research on their activities 
and on thoughts upon which they have been built up. No matter they are of 
another denomination, it is the genre that supplies bread and butter to 
philologists, to some at least. Hitting the branch of the tree on which one 
Also the tongue-in-cheek delibearation may be accompanied with sermon on 
some ideal that can be safe from it. That will render "Indology" into a 
proper theological forum.

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Good for the Dutch provincial and very religious universities (fortunately
very few of them) to learn something new...
> Victor,
> I will send you a copy.  Will you kindly send a copy of the review to me
> when it appears?
> Thanks for your interest,
> George
> victor van Bijlert wrote:
>>If you send me a review copy, I would review it for the journal on
>>comparative religious studies from the Free University Amsterdam.
>>My postal address is:
>>Burg.Patijnlaan 1062
>>2585 CE Den Haag
>>The Netherlands

Frits Staal

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