Surinam Hindustani pubs. (Was: Gita)

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Thu Jan 15 22:34:58 UTC 2009


I'd be very grateful if you could get the information.  LOC has several works by Damsteegt and one by Gajadin, but not the ones you mention.



>>> victor van Bijlert <victorvanbijlert at KPNPLANET.NL> 1/15/2009 5:25:36 PM >>>

The Hindu broadcast OHM publishes a magazine every three months announcing
their programmes. Some of the writing in the magazine called OHM Vani is in
Devanagari and in Hindi. Sarnami is not much used anymore in writing. There
is a Sarnami grammar book published by my old friend Motilal Marhe and an
exercisebook for Sarnami by Theo Damsteegt and another Surinamese person
whose name at this moment slipped my memory. Then there is the poetess
Chitra Gajadin who writes in Sarnami and there is a book of poetry in
Sarnami brought out by Rajendra Ramdas. I could try to get the
bibliographical data on them.

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