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Thu Jan 15 18:31:36 UTC 2009

Dear List,

A few list members have mentioned Callewaert & Shilanand: 
*Bhagavadgiitaanuvaada: A Study in Transcultural Translation*, 1982.  I 
was familiar with this, along with Kapoor's *Bhagavad-Giitaa: An 
International Bibliography of 1785-1979*, 1983.  These cite hundreds of 

But these do not cover the last thirty years of research and 
translation, and for this reason I have solicited more recent 
references. I know that at least a half dozen list members have 
translated the Gita during this time.  The most recent one cited in the 
book under review is Peter Schreiner's of 1991: Bhagavad-Gita.  Wege und 
Weisungen uebersetzt und eingeleitet von P. Schreiner. 

In her recent translation of the Gita, Laurie Patton counts over 1,800 
translations in more than 75 languages from all over the world.  She 
also counts more than 3,000 articles on the Gita in the last 200 years. 

I assume that if we were to confine ourselves to works produced by 
scholars, these numbers would become more manageable.

I thank all list members who have responded to my query so far.

George Thompson

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