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Dear Victor,
Some such observations will be found in S.S.Dange's 'Quarters in the Vedic ritual tradition', p.87 Traividyam : Vedic Studies in Memory of Durgamohan Bhattacharyya, Subarnarekha, Kolkata 2001
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Subject: the west
Date: Wednesday, 14 January, 2009, 11:40 PM

Could anyone provide a few references to Sanskrit texts (Brahmanas,
Aranyakas, Shrautasutras, Shulbasutras) in which the West as point of the
compass has any symbolic meaning as the place of death or as an inauscipious
or impure direction. Early tantra references would also be welcome.

Thanks a lot for the previous references on Buddha Amitabha.

Warm greetings

Victor van Bijlert


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