Amitabha in Gandharan art

victor van Bijlert victorvanbijlert at KPNPLANET.NL
Mon Jan 12 10:34:11 UTC 2009

Dear friends,

Does anyone have electronic versions of articles on the representation of
Buddha Amitabha / Amitayus in Gandharan art. I am especially looking for zn
electronic version of an article by J.C.Huntington which appeared in the
Annali dell'Instituto Orientale di Napoli 40, 1980, but page numbers I do
not have and an article by Gerard Fussman on the Sukhavati Vyuha which
appeared in Journal Asiatique, 1999, vol 287, page 521 ff.

Perhaps also other references to depictions of Amitabha in Gandhara art. I
have the one by Gregory Schopen at my disposal.

Thanks for possible references and the trouble

Victor van Bijlert


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