navavars ̣aṃ madhumayam, a tra nsla tion and a request

Alfred Collins acollins at GCI.NET
Sun Jan 4 23:00:53 UTC 2009

Dear Victor,

Great. Let's talk more on it later.  For your information, I have two PhDs, both from the University of Texas Austin, one in psychology (my day job), the other in Sanskrit (my research interest, and love).  My article on philosophical Samkhya as a coded feminist narrative (more or less) was published in the Hiltebeitel/Erndl edited volume, Is the Goddess a Feminist?, 2001 or so (I have other publications, this is one you might just glance at sometime when in the library to see what I do).

I will look where you suggest, see what I need to talk about next, and maybe we could do it by Skype and email?

Thanks for replying,


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