Krishna as Vishnu

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The Mahabharata registers an integration in the early centuries of the present era. The Vaasudeva element was made a part of the Pancaraatra philosophy ie the philosophical foundation of the Vaisnavas at not too distant an age. The best synchronic discussions will be found in Gopinath Kaviraj's works.  But those are mostly available in Bengali and Hindi. Gonda hardly helps.

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Subject: Krishna as Vishnu
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I am researching multi-arm images of Krishna.


It seems to be that at some point Krishna ceases to be an avatara and becomes
Vishnu himself.


A case in point is Jagganath Puri where Krishna is Jagganath, an appellation
reserved for Vishnu.


A Nepali stone image (?12 th century) that I recently saw shows Krishna with 8
arms holding even a Sudarshan chakra.


Am I on the right track? Any help would be appreciated.




Harsha V. Dehejia

Ottawa, ON., Canada.

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