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This is how Abhyaakara tells his name in the first verse of the Vajraavalii
+ni.spratyūham ihābhayasya mahasā vajrāvalī mīlatu 
The proprer name has been translated in the Tibetan version´śog 
Praj;naakara ends the Bodhicaryaavataarapa;njikaa 
ma;nju;sriir iva sadgu.navasati.h praj;naakaro jaayataam
There was no fixed rule. Poets writing in NIA languages took recourse to refrains occurring at regular intervals
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Dear Jonathan,

At 3:26 PM +0100 2/24/09, Jonathan Silk wrote:
>I am interested in the
>case of Buddhist authors "signing" their works in, typically, a
>verse. (I think I recall an example from Candrak¥rti....?)

    Perhaps the instance you are thinking of 
occurs in the first of CandrakIrti's closing 
verses to his _yuktiSaSTikA-vRtti_:

klu yi rkyen yin 'jigs dang bcas pas yongs spangs pa
rigs pa'i ku mu da 'di kha 'byed _zla ba_ ni
nyes pa'i 'byung gnas rab rib rnam pa rab bcom nas
blo gros mi ldan skye bo rnams la _grags pas_ mdzes


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