AW: "Visit SANSKNET while you can"

Gruenendahl, Reinhold gruenen at SUB.UNI-GOETTINGEN.DE
Thu Feb 19 13:42:01 UTC 2009

On 19 Feb 2009 at 12:57, Kenneth Zysk wrote:

> I have tried them all with no luck. The fonts I downloaded are TrueType

> and I have installed them into my fonts file. 

> Any other suggestions?

> KZ

I know this sounds outdated, but sometimes it helps to restart after font


To make sure the fonts are properly installed you could try this:

Copy a page or passage of the BrhadaranyakaUp text and paste it into your
word processing programme. Then block the copied text and select the font
"DV-TTYogesh" from your font menu.

If the font doesn't appear in the font menu, it probably isn't installed.

If the text is properly displayed in your word processor, there might be a
problem with your browser - in which case I'm at the end of my wits.

(There are at least two entirely different font families aorund on SANSKNET,
so better stick to the BAUp files because they are written for DV-TTYogesh;
if in doubt, open the source text of the HTML file and look for the font

Good luck!


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