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Christophe Vielle christophe.vielle at UCLOUVAIN.BE
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I remember to have  "found" John Mitchiner in 2001 (see infra)
I do not know if this email is still working
With best wishes
Christophe Vielle

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>>  Sent:	20 November 2001 09:20
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>>  Subject:	Gargiya Jyotisa
>>  Dear Christophe,
>>  Congratulations on tracking me down! I hope you did not have too much
>>  difficulty doing so.
>>  I was fascinated to learn from your e-mail of the current interest - of
>>  Klaus Karttunen and others - in an edition of the Gargiya-Jyotisa. My own
>>  work in editing the Yuga-Purana chapter of that work was undertaken
>>  largely in 1978-79; the Asiatic Society took a little while before
>>  publishing it in 1986. Thereafter I joined the British diplomatic service
>>  in 1980, and I have regrettably not had the chance to take up further work
>>  on the Gargiya-Jyotisa. My only subsequent work in this connection has
>>  been to discover two additional manuscripts of the
>>  Yuga-Purana/Gargiya-Jyotisa. These are mentioned in my short article "The
>>  Yuga-Purana: A Footnote" published in BSOAS LIII part 2, 1990, pp.320-322.
>>  They will also be incorporated in a second edition of my book "The Yuga
>>  Purana" which the Asiatic Society is in the process of sending to press.
>>  Back in 1992 Prof Michio Yano of Kyoto Sangyo University sought my advice
>>  on a copy of a Gargiya-Jyotisa manuscript he had obtained through Pingree.
>>  It may be that he or one of his students had thoughts of preparing an
>>  edition of the work. But I do not know whether anything came of this.
>>  I should be most interested to hear if you come across anyone who is
>>  preparing such an edition.
>>  With best wishes,
>>  (Dr) John Mitchiner
>>  British Deputy High Commissioner
>>  Kolkata

[John Mitchiner was before that found in Bern by Peter Schreiner, in 1992
see Indology List  archives, s.v. Mitchiner:

Date:         Tue, 2 Jun 92 17:21:19 +0100
Reply-To:     Indology discussion list <INDOLOGY at LIVCMS>
Sender:       Indology discussion list <INDOLOGY at LIVCMS>
From: Dominik Wujastyk <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: John Mitchiner located

Status: RO Peter Schreiner informs me that \begin{quotation} > 
Concerning the whereabouts of John E. Mitchiner I happen to know 
that > he is working at the British Embassy in Berne, Switzerland. 
The address > is: > c/o British Embassy > Thunstr. 50 > CH-3005 
Berne > Tel. off. 445021, res. 9218656 (or 588656) > > I am going to 
meet Dr. Mitchiner next week and may be able to tell you > more about 
him thereafter. \end{quotation} Thanks, Peter, Dominik

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