SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts

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10 02 09 
With DOS SCRIPT was in use here. That offered many problems. Since the introduction of WINDOWS I have used i-LEAP. Barring the svarita accents in Devnagari and the subscript ring in Roman there is no problem with this. Both can be improvised with flawless end products.The multi-language i-LEAP seems to have been withdrawn but more expensive packages for individual languages are available with CDAC.
The new packages announced in these columns, however, are more convenient than i-LEAP

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From: Maheswaran Nair <swantam at ASIANETINDIA.COM>
Subject: Re: SARIT: Search and Retrieval of Indic Texts
Date: Tuesday, 10 February, 2009, 8:08 AM

ISM fonts of C-DAC are available for Sanskrit(DV) and Diacritic Roman(DV1).
Only thing is that you have to learn the keyboard outlay.
K.Maheswaran Nair

Quoting Alfred Collins <acollins at GCI.NET>:

>  Dear Dr. Wujastyk,
> Could you explain the SARIT method of entering transliterated  Sanskrit in
the following way:
> "enter utf-8 characters directly using a suitable keyboard input
> Is there a site you could direct me to that would show how to enter 
Sanskrit letters by assigning keyboard strokes to them, not just for  SARIT but
to type diacritics in Word, etc. I have been typing  retroflex t, etc., using a
Sanskrit font then selecting characters  from a Symbol menu. this is very
cumbersome and slow.
> Hope my question is clear.
> Thanks,
> Al Collins

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