"samsara" meaning "life"

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The  common brahmin dialect usage includes Tamil AmuTaiyAL/AmpaTaiyAL 
<  akamuTaiyAl and hybrid AttukkAri < AkattukkAri.

Sorry. In the above sentence, 'akamuTaiyAl' should be actually  'akamuTaiyAL'.
Online Tamil Lexicon also gives the following entries.
    camucAram  01 1. cycle of mundane existence; worldly life; 2. family;  3. 
1. married person, householder; 2. husbandman; farmer; 3. one  involved in 
the cycle of births as a result of  karma

I have actually heard villagers use 'camcAri/camucAri' in the sense of  
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