Jaffna Tamil Kingdom

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In 1978, S. Pathmanathan published "The Kingdom of Jaffna", Part I (Circa A.
D. 1250-1450), Arul M. Rajendran, Colombo;
a year later his article "The Kingdom of Jaffna - Propaganda? Or History?"
appeared in SLJH, Vol. 5, 1979, pp. 101-125.
There is also a Tamil book by S. John, "YALppANac carittiram. History of
Jaffna" 2nd ed., American Ceylon Mission, Jaffna 1882, available in .pdf
format through Google Books.
Moreover, there are several histories of Jaffna offered by Asian Educational
Services, New Delhi, viz. 
M. C. Rasanayagam, "Ancient Jaffna", reprint 1926 edition, 1984, 2003;
M. C. Rasanayagam, "History of Jaffna" (in Tamil), reprint 1933 edn., 1986,
Gnanaprakasar Nalloor Swamy, "Critical History of Jaffna: The Tamil Era",
reprint 1928 edn., 2003;
A. Mootootamby Pillai, "Jaffna History" (in Tamil), reprint 1915 edn., 2000,
P. E. Pieris, "Kingdom of Jaffanapatam 1645", reprint 1920 edn., 1995;
as well as K. Velu Pillai, "History of Jaffna - Yalpana Vaibhava Kaumudi",
reprint 1918 edn., 2004 (out of print).
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Dear Indologists,
I seem to remember reading long time ago a book on Jaffna history that the  
Jaffna kingdom was founded by Ariyac Cakkaravartti, a Tamil brahmin general
the Pandiyan king and that as a result Jaffna Tamil kings used to marry  
brahmin women from Ramesvaram. I do not remember if it was the book by  
Arasaratnam or Padmanathan. Does anybody have the reference?
Thanks in advance.

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