XVIth Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies

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XVI^th Congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies

June 20 to June 25, 2011

Dharma Drum Buddhist College
Jinshan, Taiwan

First Circular:

General Information

This is the first information circular for the XVI^th Congress of the 
International Association of Buddhist Studies, to be held at *Dharma 
Drum Buddhist College* in Taiwan from June 20-25, 2011.

This circular is being sent to all those who are currently IABS members. 
Please feel free to circulate this information among your colleagues and 
graduate students. Those who plan to attend the XVI^th Congress are 
asked to fill out the electronic “mailings request form” online at 
http://iabs2011.ddbc.edu.tw/general.php as soon as possible. Future 
communi­cations with IABS members will take place by email, unless 
postal mail is specifically requested (see the postal address at the 
bottom of this letter).

Academic Program

As in previous congresses, mornings and afternoons will be organized in 
parallel sessions of panels and general sections. We anticipate that 
there will be about four or five parallel sessions running at most 
times. Panels are organized by one or more convenors and focus on a 
particular theme, the convenors being responsible for contacting the 
appropriate individual contributors. Sections consist of papers that 
have been grouped together under general themes by the conference 
planning committee. The planning committee will put forward a 
provisional set of such themes in the second circular (scheduled for 
distribution in March 2010). Each panel or section will comprise about 
five or six papers of a maximum of 25 minutes in length (with 5 minutes 
allowed for discussion).

Call for Initial Panel Proposals
In keeping with the academic program just discussed, the planning 
committee at this time invites scholars from all areas of Buddhist 
Studies to submit initial panel proposals. An initial panel proposal is 
submitted by the proposed convenor, and consists of a short (200 word) 
description of the theme of the panel, along with a list of probable or 
potential participants. A full list of all participants is not required. 
Accepted initial panel proposals will be announced in the second 
circular, and those interested in contributing a paper to one of the 
accepted panels may contact the convenor to see if there is room on the 

The initial panel proposals should be sent to Dr. William Magee, XVI^th 
Congress of the IABS Planning Committee Chair,
Dharma Drum Buddhist College, No. 2-6, Xishihu, Jinshan 20842, Taiwan.
E-mail: iabs2011 at ddbc.edu.tw.
The deadline for the initial panel proposal is _January 31, 2010_*.
Individual Paper Proposals

Individual paper proposals are not being accepted at this time. A call 
for individual papers will appear in the second information circular, at 
which time the accepted initial panel proposals and a list of general 
themes for the individual papers will also be announced.

Posters and Demos

Exhibition space will be available for posters and demos. There will be 
a dedicated poster session during which each poster contributor will 
have the opportunity to give a brief presentation to conference 
delegates. Details will appear in the second circular.

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements vary according to the nationality of the visitor. 
Please check with your travel agent or representatives of Taiwan in your 
country for up-to-date information.


Limited, affordable accommodations will available in the residence halls 
of Dharma Drum Buddhist College. Comfortable accommodations will also be 
available at local hotels, beach-front hotels, and hot-spring spas 
within commuting distance of the conference. Details will appear in the 
second circular.

Conference/Travel Grants

The planning committee regrets that it cannot provide travel or 
conference grants for the XVI^th Congress. The committee is working to 
offer the lowest possible registration and accommodation fees. These 
will be announced in the second circular.

IABS Membership Status*

*All XVI^th Congress participants must be current subscribing IABS 
members in the year of the conference. To join the International 
Association of Buddhist Studies, please follow the instructions found on 
the IABS website at www.iabsinfo.org <http://www.iabsinfo.org/>


The latest information and news about the XVI^th Congress of the IABS 
may be found at: http://iabs2011.ddbc.edu.tw/

Officers of the XVI^th Congress of the IABS Planning Committee

President: Prof. Huimin Bhikshu
Chairs: Prof. William Magee and Prof. JenJou Hung

Advisory Board: Prof. Sara McClintock
Prof. Peter Skilling
Prof. Tom Tillemans

Dr. William Magee

XVI^th Congress of the IABS Planning Committee Chair
Dharma Drum Buddhist College
No. 2-6, Xishihu, Jinshan 20842, Taiwan
+886-2-2498-0707 ext. 2391
iabs2011 at ddbc.edu.tw <mailto:iabs2011 at ddbc.edu.tw>

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