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The Indus Civilization is actively studied (by excavations and  
subsequent interpretation) at a  number of Centers. Besides  
institutions in Pakistan and India, these come to mind:

* Harvard/Madison WI    (R. Meadow / M. Kenoyer, 2 decades of  
excavations at Harappa,  some details at: <>),  
connected also with:

* H. Miller (NY Univ.): esp. rural areas of the Indus. See for  
example: < 

* Kyoto: RHIN (T. Osada team) : < 
index_e.html>,  in collaboration with several teams in Pakistan and  
India (coming together at yearly conferences: for ex. <http://>)

* Berlin:  U. Voigt (esp. Baluchistan): see for ex.: <http://www.ufg->

* Aachen (in a more limited way, no excavations: architecture, etc.  
of Mohenjo Daro: M. Janssen, see for ex.

Others work in the margins, outside the actual Indus Civ., such as in  
Bannu or E. Rajasthan.

Hope this helps.


On Dec 23, 2009, at 10:08 AM, Marco Franceschini wrote:

> Dear Members,
> a student here at the University of Bologna has a keen interest in  
> Indus civilization: not especially in the Indus script topic, but  
> in Indus culture in the broadest sense and its relation with coeval  
> cultures.
> Since no institution in Italy gives prominence to this subject, he  
> is willing to spend a period abroad (preferably, but not  
> necessarily, in Europe).
> Could anyone suggest me a place where the study of Indus  
> civilization is actively carried out?
> With best regards,
> Marco Franceschini

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