Gap in e-text of Jayatirtha's Nyayasudha on Sansknet?

Gruenendahl, Reinhold gruenen at SUB.UNI-GOETTINGEN.DE
Thu Aug 27 15:40:37 UTC 2009

Respected members of the list,
when I recently checked the earlier GRETIL version of the Nyayasudha against
K.T. Pandurangi's multi-volume edition I became aware of a huge gap (from
vol. 2, p. 269 to vol 3, p. 38) in my copy of the e-text I had downloaded
from Sansknet sometime ago. Unfortunately, the Sansknet server seems to be
down again, so I can't check whether this problem can be remedied by another
I have temporarily stored my copy of the Sansknet file here:
The file is unchanged, apart from a few added page marks (like *2,263*). A
search for "lacuna" will bring you straight to the gap (which is also marked
in the revised GRETIL version announced in update #353 a few minutes ago).
My request is:
Will someone be so kind as to check this against another copy of the Sansknet
If this should be a genuine gap in the e-text (and not just a transmission
error), the Sansknet people should be informed about it. However, I have no
contact address. Perhaps someone can help?
Thanks in advance
Reinhold Grünendahl
Dr. Reinhold Gruenendahl
Niedersaechsische Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek
Fachreferat sued- und suedostasiatische Philologien
(Dept. of Indology)
37070 Goettingen, Germany
Tel (+49) (0)5 51 / 39 52 83
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