14th WSC - Website updated--Apologies

Akihiko Akamatsu aakamat at BUN.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Sat Aug 22 02:19:46 UTC 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I apologise for sending this message to the Indology list.
This must be only to reply Prof. Eli Franco's question, 
but I am receiving recently same questions several times. 
So I would like to reply concerning Equipment of the
14th World Sanskrit Conference in this opportunity.

Each lecture room is equipped with PC, a (power point)
projecter, a screen and microphones. And our students helpers
can help the speaker during his presentation.

Photocopying can be purchased at the Copy Shop in 
the basement of the Clock Tower at a cost of 10 yen
per page.


Akihiko Akamatsu

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 19:19:28 +0200, franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE wrote:
> Apologies for sending this message to the list address.
> Best wishes,
> Eli
> Quoting franco at RZ.UNI-LEIPZIG.DE:
>> Dear Akihiko,
>> You must be extremely busy, but just one small question:
>> Will the lecture rooms have the facilities for PowerPoint?
>> A yes or no answer would be enough.
>> Gambate kudasai! It will soon be over!
>> Best wishes,
>> Eli
>> Zitat von Akihiko Akamatsu <aakamat at BUN.KYOTO-U.AC.JP>:
>>> Dear Colleagues,
>>> The web-site of the 14th World Sanskrit Conference has recently
>>> been updated. The address is still the same, i.e. the following:
>>> http://www.indology.bun.kyoto-u.ac.jp/14thWSC/
>>> The pages contain a detailed programme of each section and
>>> a provisional timetable of the conference week. The list of
>>> participants, titles of their papers, and their abstracts are
>>> contained in the following pages:
>>> http://www.indology.bun.kyoto-u.ac.jp/14thWSC/programme/index.html
>>> We plan to update more practical informations within a few days.
>>> We are sorry for our delay.
>>> Akihiko Akamatsu

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