cognitive sciences and pramaNavAda

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One of my forthcoming articles, deals specifically with this topic:

Christian Coseru, Buddhist 'Foundationalism' and the Phenomenology of Perception, _Philosophy East and West_, 59:4 (October 2009): 409-439.

For a more general take on the theme of enactive cognition in Buddhism and Cognitive Science see:

Matthew MacKenzie, Enacting the self: Buddhist and Enactivist approaches to the emergence of the self, _Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences_ May 2009


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See the article by William Waldron -

@article{waldron2002dependent, title={{The dependent arising of a  
cognitive unconscious in Buddhism and science}},
   author={Waldron, WS},
   journal={Contemporary Buddhism},

On 19 Aug 2009, at 09:13, Viktoria Lyssenko wrote:

> Dear members of the List,
> I am trying to formulate with some Russian experts in cognitive  
> sciences a joint project on the theories of perception. Does anybody  
> know indologists or buddhologists who compared such modern concepts  
> as "enactive" (F.Varela), or embodied cognition with Indian theoris  
> of perception in a more or less systematical way?
> Thanking you in advance,
> Victoria Lysenko
> Russian Academy of Sciences

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