The Indus "script"?

Simon Brodbeck brodbecksp at CF.AC.UK
Tue Apr 28 10:08:56 UTC 2009

I hope it will not be out of place here to say how little I am looking 
forward to the apparently forthcoming treatment of this issue in this forum.

I have no doubt that if any present parties have anything substantial to add 
to the debate, we shall see it in print before long. In the meantime, I 
wonder how much is to be gained by repeating, in more or less rhetorical 
variants, contributions that have already been made in print.

The members of this forum are trained and accustomed to weighing evidence 
for themselves, according to their own lights. All other things being equal 
(which in this case they perhaps are), we may have a tendency unconsciously 
to side with the interlocutor who apparently accords us with the greater 
degree of intelligence.

With all best wishes,

Simon Brodbeck
Cardiff University 

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