Artificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Mystery

Enrica Garzilli garzilli at ASIATICA.ORG
Sat Apr 25 12:43:21 UTC 2009

A rebuttal to Benjamin Fleming and others, including Michael Witzel:

1) My aim was to show that even technology people (Wired is perhaps the 
most famous tech magazine -- worldwide) are interested in this topic.

2) No harm in information, whatever it is. I think that pretending that 
news are not spread or articles are not published is only to deny 
evidence. Moreover, it is useless. Wired is really famous.

3) There is a fundamental right called right to information, I think it 
is enabled also in the USA, isn't it? Mine was just _a piece of 

4) Scientists should oppose to media spin-offs by right argumentations, 
not being blindfold. Otherwise science will remain for a few scientists 

5) And article published on Wired make people (intellectuals, although 
of a different kind) aware of the problem more than 100,000 scientific 
articles published in scientific magazines.


Enrica Garzilli

Benjamin Fleming wrote:
> Such media spin-offs, as contained in the Wired article, that do not delve
> deeply into the analysis are more harmful than they are informative, in my
> view.
> Best Wishes,
> BF

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