Zeitschriften der DMG digital

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Apr 17 13:54:48 UTC 2009

I've discovered that by shrinking the on-screen display and then 
magnifying it slightly, using the on-screen buttons, one can produce an 
image that will print out on an A4 page.  It's very fiddly, but can be 

Dr Dominik Wujastyk

long term email address: wujastyk at gmail.com

On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, Dominik Wujastyk wrote:

> It looks the same to me, Jonathan.  And I haven't found an easy way to print 
> out pages, even one-by-one (they're too big).  One has to sit and read 
> on-screen, which rapidly becomes unbearable.
> [If I've missed some crucial button, please tell me!]
> While it is absolutely wonderful to have the ZDMG online, the project is 
> unfortunately undermined by its limited implementation, and to such a degree 
> that it is not as useful as one might at first have hoped.
> This system has been designed "conservatively", i.e., more with a view to 
> preventing copyright theft than with helping scholars do their research.
> I hope that the policies may be revised in future to enable article-length 
> pieces to be downloaded as PDF or djvu files and printed out for serious 
> reading.
> Best,
> Dominik

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