"kaapya-" vs. "kaapeya-" (Re: Actual use of gotra (=vr.ddha) and yuvan

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Dear JLC,
We have had discussions on "kApya" in Indology some years ago.
As for the name "kapi", it is also found as gotra name for persons 178  and 
179 (who hailed respectively from paRAntUr and perumputUr) of taNTantOTTam  
plates of Pallava Nandivarman II. See SII 2, no. 99. But much more frequent 
in  inscriptions is the usage in the sense of 'one belonging to x gotra'. 
Here the  Tamil inscriptions use "kAppiyan2". For example, see SII 8, no.196 
in Anbil. In  my opinion, caGkam poets kAppiyan2 cEntan2Ar and kAppiyARRuk 
kApiyan2Ar, the  grammarians tolkAppiyan2. and palkAppiyan2 belonged to this 
gotra. It is also  possible that "kAppiyat tol kuTi" in CilappatikAram 30.83 
 to brahmins of this gotra or a settlement of these  brahmins.
Chitrarekha Gupta considers kapi and kApya as referring to the same gotra.  
("The Brahmans of India: A Study Based on Inscriptions," Sundeep Prakashan, 
 Delhi, 1983, p. 116)
S. Palaniappan
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I am  especially interested in the case of Tamil Nadu brahmins, because 
the  inside /Karandai Tamil Sangam Plates/ (of king Rajendrachola I)  
[Archaeological survey of India, 1984, K.G. Krishnan (ed.)], 10  
different brahmins (among the 1083 brahmins who are enumerated) have  
"kapi" as their gotra, namely the Brahmins numbered 167, 201, 225, 237,  
239, 306, 439, 906, 937 & 954.

I would be grateful for any  comment on actual usage

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