mana in heart or head

Jarrod L. Whitaker whitakjl at WFU.EDU
Thu Apr 9 15:11:32 UTC 2009

The Rgveda predominantly correlates manas with the heart (haardi/hrd; 
hrdaya), though this is not to say it resides there. What is more, at 
RV.2.12.1, we read of Indra: "The god, who when just born with the foremost 
intellect (manasvaan), surrounded the gods due to (his) resolve (kratu)"; 
and kratu ("resolve, purpose, determination") is explicitly "in the head" 
( at RV.2.16.2d). I am sure somebody must have written on this in 
the Vedic context...(Gonda, Bodewitz?)

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