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I have heard that this verse occurs in the HanumannATaka also known as 
MahAnATaka. Anyway it has to be verified.
The correct reading of the first half is:
jaanaami dharma.m na ca me prav.rtti.h .
jaanaamyadharma.m na ca me niv.rtti.h .

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Dear friends,

It's time to play the perennially pleasant
Indological game of "can you identify the
source of this verse?" It's one that
I learned orally long ago, and, if I recall
correctly, it was attributed to one or another
Deviitantra. I am not awarding prizes for the
the successful entry, but I will be grateful
for the reference:

dharm.m janaamy aha.m, na ca me prav.rtti.h
adharma.m janaamy aha.m, na ca me niv.rtti.h

thanks in advance to all contestants,

Matthew T. Kapstein
Numata Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies
The University of Chicago Divinity School

Directeur d'études
Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris 

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