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Fri Oct 31 19:16:39 UTC 2008

Dear List,

One of my colleagues from East Asian studies is trying to locate information
about whether or not a Sanskrit text called the
*Maitreyasamitinataka*exists or ever existed.  Even if no actual text
has survived, is there any
record of such a Sanskrit title?  He tells me that although we have various
sorts of *Maitreyasamiti *texts (*-vyakarana, -avadana*) in Uyghur,
Khotanese, Chinese, etc., the idea that the famous Tocharian text was a *
nataka* is based on the reconstruction of the word (*na[tkam]*) as it was
supposed to have occurred on a damaged ms.  (Sieg and Siegling, 1921.I:  128
[253a.5-6).   According to him, the actual text that people call the
*does not really have the form of a drama.  Attached is a scan of the
damaged ms page.   Thank you.


Deven Patel
University of Pennsylvania

Tocharische_p39.pdf (*application/pdf*)

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