Tieken, H.J.H. H.J.H.Tieken at HUM.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Wed Oct 22 08:36:03 UTC 2008

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for information on the Ragamala tradition, that is, the connection of ragas with specific times of the day, seasons, emotions, plants, animals etc. What I would like to know in particular is when and in which (Sanskrit) text (or category of texts) this convention has been codified for the first time. I should add that I am well aware of a similar type of organisation in Old Tamil poetics, in which case the matter of poetry is divided up on the basis of a number of "landscapes". In fact, the reason why I am interested in the first traces of the Ragamala tradition in Sanskrit texts is that I would like to compare the two traditions.


Herman Tieken

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