Diacritic for inter-consonantal vocalic r

Dipak Bhattacharya dbhattacharya2004 at YAHOO.CO.IN
Sun Nov 30 11:33:59 UTC 2008

30 11 08
Dear Colleagues,
Could anyone enlighten me on the following?
What is the diacritic character for inter-consonntal or ante-consonantal initial vocalic r in the 
different Sanskrit fonts available for computers in the West?
As is well known since late nineteenth century it has been the practice in the European 
continent  to write a subscript ring below -r- for this allophone. But in the UK quite a few 
publishers carry on the old practice of writing a subscript dot below -r- which in the continent, with most of the publishers, means the trilled allophone of the voiced retroflex plosive .d. However, even in Germany a few publishers do not mind using this dot-subscipted the vocalic -r-. This is also the general practice in India where word-processors are still being produced with this old diacritical sign. If one likes to print with the subscript ring one has to produce the character on one's own.
I just like to know the position in the West regarding the available computer font packages, 
particularly if authors have to help the press in developing the character with subscript ring 
With thanks in advance

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