K. A. Subramaniam Iyer

Donald R. Davis, Jr. drdavis at WISC.EDU
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Actually, it would depend, though I suspect the Rtam issue you mention 
would not have the virama/halanta (a superscript crescent in Malayalam). 
Old Malayalam script would have rendered it without any such marker, but 
some (slightly strange) new script forms will render it with this 
crescent. For what it's worth, I think the proper LC transliteration for 
both would be:

Old: kŏṭuvāyūr, koTuvAyUr
New: kŏṭuvāyūrȧ , koTuvAyuru

Hope that makes things clear.

Best, Don

Don Davis
Dept of Languages & Cultures of Asia
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ashok Aklujkar wrote:
> Thanks. I have a question, however. Is a virama/halanta sign written after
> the "r" of "Koduvayur" when the name is written in Malayalam? I gave a
> transcription of how the name appeared in Devanagari in the.Rtam issue
> published in honour of K.A.S.I, not a phonetic/phonemic rendering. This is
> the practice the LC (rightly) follows (at least in most cases).
> a.a.
> On 11/25/08 2:17 PM, "Mahadevan, Thennilapuram" <tmahadevan at HOWARD.EDU>
> wrote:
>> A very minor correction: K in the name is Koduvayur, not Koduvayura.
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>> Koduvayura Anantarama Subrahmanya Ayyara was born in Palghat, Kerala, on 7
>> September 1896. He died at Pune on 31 March 1980.
>> ashok aklujkar
>> On 11/22/08 10:25 AM, "Hans Henrich Hock" <hhhock at EXPRESS.CITES.UIUC.EDU>
>> wrote:
>>> Does anyone have the dates of birth and death for K. A. Subramaniam
>>> Iyer?

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