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Am Samstag, den 22.11.2008, 11:23 -0800 schrieb Ashok Aklujkar:
> Koduvayura Anantarama Subrahmanya Ayyara was born in Palghat, Kerala, on 7
> September 1896. He died at Pune on 31 March 1980.
> ashok aklujkar

> On 11/22/08 10:25 AM, "Hans Henrich Hock" <hhhock at EXPRESS.CITES.UIUC.EDU>
> wrote:
> > 
> > Does anyone have the dates of birth and death for K. A. Subramaniam
> > Iyer? 

If not already known, there is a felicitation volume for K. A.
Subramania Iyer that contains two photos (of K. A. Subramania Iyer and
his wife), lots of reminiscences and a bibliography. It was a special
volume of the journal Rtam:

Ṛtam = Journal of Akhila Bharatiya Sanskrit Parishad. Vol. 2-6 (July
1970 to January 1975). Lucknow 1975 [combined volume]

Hope it helps
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