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Dear colleague,
There is a short appendix about "Betel Chewing in Ancient India" in  
Om Prakash: Economy and Food in Ancient India,  Vol. 2, Bharatiya  
Vidya Prakashan, Delhi 1987 which has many other references; and an  
article by P.K. Gode: Studies in the history of tAmbUla" in sArdha- 
ZatAbdi Special Volume of the Journal of the Asiatic Society of  
Bombay (New Series) Vol. 31-32, 1956-57 (Publ. June 1959), and, of  
course, the introduction to tAmbUla ManjarI,  Journal of the Oriental  
Institute Baroda Vol. VII, 1957-58.
  Furthermore, there is  one page(p.89)  about betel in P.  
Arundhati's "translation" of the MAnasollAsa called Royal Life in  
MAnasollAsa Sundep Prakashan Delhi 1994.
  Hope this might be of some help.

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On 23-Nov-08, at 3:32 AM, Yaroslav Vassilkov wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> can anybody tell me:
> 1. is it possible to see in the web or anywhere how VIBHITAKA NUTS  
> look like?
> 2. do you know any literature on the tradition of BETEL chewing in  
> India?
> Many thanks in advance
> Yaroslav Vassilkov
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