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One can hardly overestimate the utility of the "digital Sanskrit Buddhist canon" but its choice of edition may leave a bit to be desired. For the Asokavadaana it depends on the popular Saahitya Akademi edition instead of Cowell-Neil's. There are some emendations in the former that seem unnecessary. I have not checked any other work. DB

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> Can anyone supply the precise source of the first five chapters
> of the Madhyamakaavataara posted on the "digital
> Sanskrit Buddhist canon" site and, I assume, gretil?

As in other cases, the Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon seems to rely on the
CIHTS edition:
Candrakīrti:  _Madhyamakāvatāra of Ācarya Candrakı̄rti : root text along
with the autocommentary, chapters 1-5_ / by Candrakirti; restored into Sanskrit,
tr. into Hindi and crit. ed. Tibetan text by Tashi Tsering. - Sarnath : Central
Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, 2005. - xii, 522 p. - (Bibliotheca
Indo-Tibetica series ; 58)
ISBN 81-8712735-X

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