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Jan E.M. Houben wrote:

  I noted that a word is sometimes to be searched through its "wrong OCR
  To find Saṁvâdahymnen
  on p. 425 > p. 412 of Windisch vol. 1 we have to search for
Saṁvâdahyrnnen (- h y r n n e n).

Thanks for pointing our that error, the two occurences of which will be
corrected in the next version of Windisch. Anyway, this reminds us that OCR
has its limitations: my sofware will jump at the slightest opening in the
arches of an "m", especially when processing light typeface, resp. poor print
quality. The problem is compounded by the limitations in building adequate
dictionaries with diacritics, which might teach the programme to read
"sa.mhitaa" instead of "sarnhita".
  Among desiderata for this way of making available "older standard works" I
would suggest:
  Chr. Lassen's Indische Alterthumskunde 2nd edition (at the basis of many
decisions on Vedic realia in e.g. the work of H. Zimmer, Geldner etc.);
  Ludwig's RV translation plus commentary (not, or not entirely, outdated
with Geldner's translation, just as Geldner retains its value even after the
recent Witzel-Goto-Jezic translation);
  Vedische Studien by Pischel and Geldner;
  For Paninian studies:
  Otto Böhtlingk's Astadhyayi (the "Google" version having a few unreadable
pages and other problems);
  Bruno Liebich's Ksiiratarangi.nii (the appendices on dhaatupaathas would
become even more useful if machine searchable)  
Thanks for these suggestions. I'll see what I can do. Zimmer's "Altindisches
Leben" is in the pipeline. However,  I'll have to find a balance between
Veda, grammar, and other fields.
Reinhold Grünendahl


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