MA studentships in the History of Medicine, London

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Probably not for you (you're beyond MA), but 20,000 pounds is almost 40
grand in US dineros these days. You should know about that institute anyway,
since they are doing a lot of interesting work on the history of Medicine -- 
including Chinese medicine -- with some very good people.


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***MA studentships in the History of Medicine***

Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL

The Centre is the world's largest research institute devoted to the study
of the History of Medicine. It invites applications from prospective MA
students with a good honours degree for one year commencing September
2008. The Centre anticipates being able to offer three studentships at
approximately £19,500 plus the payment of home fees. Applications to study
full or part time without a scholarship are also welcome. The deadline for
the application is 15 May 2008. Interviews will be held in June. For
further details, see
For information and application forms, contact Adam Wilkinson:
ucgaawi at


This may not seem particularly indological, but the course offers
possibilities for the serious study of ayurveda, including doing an MA
thesis that could make use of original sources in the Asian languages
supported by scholars at the Centre, that include Sanskrit, Arabic, Urdu,
Chinese, and Tamil.


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