New Release of DICT and HTML Monier-Williams - User Survey

Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Fri Jun 13 04:47:46 UTC 2008

Dear Colleagues,

I have received a number of queries about the possibility of updated
versions of the HTML and Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT)
Monier-Williams. Many seem to continue to find these versions useful,
often finding them easy to change and adapt to suit their own needs:

 Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary: DICT and HTML versions

 Lexica: Query Interface for Sanskrit, Tibetan and English word lists and dictionary

Unfortunately both versions are somewhat unsatisfactory. In many ways
they have always been provisional, a bit of a stop gap until something
better was possible.

I have had it in mind for a while to put together and release updated
versions, granted that there was sufficient interest amongst those who
use them. (As a conservative estimate they have received somewhere over

It was a pleasure then, to receive the go ahead from Thomas Malten to
produce a new release, based on the most recent version of the Cologne
source file:

 Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Downloads

The current source is a marked improvement on the file on which the
original HTML and DICT versions were based:

 Marking Monier: Current state of digitized Monier-Williams Dictionary
 Jim Funderburk, Honesdale, Pennsylvania & Thomas Malten, University of

While working on the new versions it would be helpful to receive
comments from users of the original versions. I am especially
interested in how these versions are used, and how well they help you
to do your work. To this end I have set up a brief user survey:

 DICT and HTML Monier-Williams User Survey

I would be grateful if some of you could take the time -- five to ten
minutes -- to complete this form.

Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney

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