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Dear list members,
Those who regularly use G.J. Meulenbeld's online Annotated Bibliography of
Indian Medicine ( will have noticed
that since end December 2007 there is an Electronic Journal of Indian
Medicine (editor-in-chief: J. Meulenbeld), which can be accessed through the
same website (or go to:
I cite from the About section:

"AIMS: The *EJIM* is a multidisciplinary periodical that publishes studies
on South Asian medical systems by qualified scholars in philology, medicine,
pharmacology, botany, anthropology and sociology. Authors from India, Sri
Lanka and adjoining countries are cordially invited to contribute.
The journal will be monitored for style and scientific level by the
editor-in-chief, assisted by the other members of the board.
The editors aim at disseminating scientific work quickly in making it freely
accessible to all those interested in the field.
The issues of  the *EJIM* will be published online regularly when sufficient
suitable material is available.The articles of each volume will appear
yearly in print and on the free website. The price of the printed volumes
will be determined a the time of their appearance."

See further

Vol 1 Issue 1 appeared in December, two days back Vol. 1 Issue 2 has
Vol. 1 issue 1:
"ethnomedicinal survey of Alagarkoil hills (reserved forest), Tamil Nadu,
India" by Ganesan S. et al.
"The sarasvatiinighantu - a review article" by G.J. Meulenbeld
Vol. 1 issue 2:
"Memoirs of Vaidyas: the lives and practices of traditional medical doctors
in Kelala" by Tsutomu Yamashita and Ram P. Manohar.
"Cakrapani-dasa's Abhinava-cintaamani: early modern or post-classical
Ayurveda?" by J.E.M.Houben.


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