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My relatively recent publications (approximately last five years covered;
those of popular nature not included; diacritics dropped; annotation
provided for some):

2003. "A different sociolinguistics for Brahmins, Buddhists and Jains." In
Contemporary Views on Indian Civilization, pp. 54-69. (Ed) BhuDev Sharma.
India and USA: World Association for Vedic Studies.
2004. "Where do laksanaika-caksuska and laksyaika-caksuska apply? [part 1]"
Professor A.R. Kelkar Felicitation Volume of the Bulletin of the Deccan
College Research Institute (joint issue) 62-63:167-188. [Main thesis: The
specified terms, used by later Paninian authors, do not have a bearing on
the history of Skt as a living language but on how automation in Panini's
grammar works. Part 2 specified below.]

2004. "Can the grammarians' dharma be a dharma for all?" Journal of Indian
Philosophy 32: 687­732. [This entire vol. of JIP devoted to the concept of
dharma and edited by Patric Olivelle will be published as a book by Motilal

2005. Sanskrit: an Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language. Richmond:
Svadhyaya Publications.  [A revised and technologically updated edition.
Four  thematic volumes now contained in two physical vols. Audio cassettes
containing 450 minutes of recording replaced by two CDs, with the same
content arranged in two convenient ways.]

2005. "Good sayings fall on critical ears: reflections on subhasitas (part
2)." In Encyclopedia of Indian Wisdom: Professor Satya Vrat Shastri
Felicitation Volume, pp. 839-848. (ed) Ram Karan Sharma. New Delhi:
Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan. [Part 1 specified below.]

2005. "Where do laksanaika-caksuska and laksyaika-caksuska apply? (part 2)."
Sanskrit Studies Centre Journal, 1: 73-110. Bangkok. [The volume printed in
a hurry has massively distorted the text I sent for publication. Please ask
me for a pdf of this article if you are interested in its content. See note
on part 1 above.]

2008. "Patanjali's Mahabhasya as a key to happy Kashmir." In Linguistic
Traditions of Kashmir, pp. 41-87. (eds) Kaul, Mrinal; Aklujkar, Ashok. New
Delhi: D.K. Printworld. [Main subject: How texts are likely to have been
used like amulets for regions or communities. Why the study of an
astoundingly sophisticated grammar text is likely to have been revived
several times n Kashmir.]

2008. "Gonardiya, Gonika-putra, Patanjali and Gonandiya." In Linguistic
Traditions of Kashmir, pp. 88-172. (eds) Kaul, Mrinal; Aklujkar, Ashok. New
Delhi: D.K. Printworld. [Main thesis: How Gonardiya and Gonika-putra can be
historically valid epithets of the grammarian Patanjali.]

2008. "Patanjali: a Kashmirian." In Linguistic Traditions of Kashmir, pp.
173-205. (eds) Kaul, Mrinal; Aklujkar, Ashok. New Delhi: D.K. Printworld.
[Main thesis: Patanjali, the grammarian, most probably, hailed from

2008. Linguistic Traditions of Kashmir. Co-edited with Mr. Mrinal Kaul. New
Delhi: D.K. Printworld.
2008. "Traditions of language study in South Asia." In Language in South
Asia, (eds) Braj B. Kachru, Yamuna Kachru and S. Sridhar, pp. 189-220.
Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press.

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