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A summer junior fellow, Nicholas Mangus, has been putting in order those loose papers of Albrecht Weber which were acquired by the Library of Congress from his heirs in 1903 along with the rest of his library.  These are mostly the papers from Fifth International Congress of Orientalists, Berlin, 1881. If Weber systematically saved other papers, they went elsewhere.  The Library has, however, had most of the books into which he had written, laid, or bound notes, reviews, correspondence etc. given rare book cataloging to reflect these additions.

Anyhow, Mr. Mangus has found a single photograph in the collections, a carte de visite done by the studio of W. Biede in Nuernberg.  Since we don't have suitable sites in LC's pages to temporarily mount such single items, I have mounted it to my own Yahoo/Flickr page, at < >.   I would appreciate any suggestions as to who the gentleman might be.

By processes of thought which I can't recover now, I thought it might August Dillmann, the scholar of Ethiopian, who also was in Berlin and with whom there is much correspondence in the papers. This online image of him to my mind might show the same man, but others to whom I showed it disagreed: < >.  They both look as if they were quite blonde, and I notice that in earlier photographs people who are described as blonde often look as if they had middling-dark brown hair, which these two don't.  

Presumably this man was an Orientalist but there is no reason to assume he was an Indologist, so I would appreciate it if people forwarded it to other appropriate lists or persons.  Also, if anyone knows anyone in Nuremberg who is historically minded, perhaps they could forward this to them.

I myself am posting this on several lists.


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