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Again apologies for sending this to everybody. But at least now  
everybody will know the sad state of Canadian high school education.

Dear George,
Thank you for this unfortunate information. I have to teach 1st year  
Sanskrit this coming year, and I was contemplating giving the Maurer  
text book a try. However, it seems to cost some $200 which is far  
beyond our students' means. But Maurer explains simple things such as  
what a noun and an adjective is, something our students don't seem to  
familiar with. They don't learn any other language than English in  
school, and English grammar is not taught. The school boards here  
seem to think that teaching grammar is too old fashioned.
Any suggestions?
Best regards to yourself and Jody.
Stella Sandahl
ssandahl at

On 6-Jul-08, at 3:09 PM, George Cardona wrote:

> Dear Stella, With regret, I have to tell you that Walter died some  
> time ago.  Regards, George
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>> Could somebody kindly give me the contact address (e-mail or snail-
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