n âciketopâkhyâna

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Puranic Encyclopedia of Vettam Mani would be useful in this concern. The famous Kathopanisad contains the story as well.

Thank you

Dr. Nibedita Rout,
EFEO, Pondicherry

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Dear colleagues

I would apreciate some information on this text: nâciketopâkhyâna; 
thank you very much, greetings
Dr Olivia Cattedra
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The editorial board of the Journal of Hindu Studies would like to invite
submissions of articles and reviews to be considered for publication in the
journal's 2008 open issue. The Journal of Hindu Studies is a new, fully
refereed journal published by Oxford University Press and the Oxford Centre
for Hindu Studies. The journal publishes two issues a year, one guest edited
and one open for submissions, on the same broad annual theme. For this
issue, we invite submissions on the theme of hermeneutics.

Hindu culture adopts and demands an array of approaches to interpretation of
its many types of Otext¹. Hermeneutic practice raises a range of questions
over issues such as the social context and implicit power of hermeneutic
rules, the inter-weaving of different traditions and methods in interpretive
practice, the position of the observer in respect to both created and lived
Hindu Otexts¹, the application of contemporary hermeneutic theory to Indian
culture, and the history of its different discourses (linguistic, visual,
social, etc.).

All submissions should be sent to
JHS at oxfordjournals.org<mailto:JHS at oxfordjournals.org> by July 10. For more
information about the journal and the submission process, please visit

Thank you.

Dr. Deepak Sarma

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Associate Professor of Philosophy
Asian Studies Faculty

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