Sankara and the Authorship Issue (--> Raghavan's SP)

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Mon Feb 25 01:11:39 UTC 2008

Thanks, Ashok, for toggling my memory.

It works quite differently from yours, something like this:
Srngaraprakasa -- Ashok has additional material -- ask him.

The rest is usually safely filed away, both in memory and papers, as  
it must be in this case. Probably when we moved office shortly after  
your time here.
And, as we did not have the money then to print another expensive  
book of 900+ pages of Skt text, at more than $ 12 k, that very few  
people will buy.

I will take a look in my office.


However, this inadvertent public exchange provides me with the  
opportunity to announce a few new volumes of the Harvard Oriental  

* already published, in late December:
Todd Lewis and  Tuladhar: Chittadhar Hrdaya's Sugata Saurabha.
(Newari and English = a Buddhacarita in poetic modern Newari, by one  
of their best poets).

* Theodore Riccardi &  Mohan Khanal
Archaeological Excavations at Dumakhal (Kathmandu Valley), in: HOS,  
Opera Minora, vol. 5.
To be released in a few weeks.

* A new Vedic Concordance, by Marco Franceschini,  to be released  
this winter
(2 vols., incl. PS, JB, BSS's 10k mantras, etc., incl. CD of texts).

* Leonard van der Kuijp's and Kurtis Schafer's book on an early list  
of the Tibetan canon
(long announced, but probably out this spring, finally!)

* Lawrence McCrea's book on Anandavardhana, later this spring

* Vol. II of Nepalese Shaman Songs, by Gregory Maskarinec (this  
spring, incl. DVD of performances)

* Karen Ebert's and  Martin Gaenzle's texts on Rai mythology (with  
Engl. transl.)

* Vol. III of B.R. Sharma' s  Samaveda  (probably in the Fall/Winter)

etc. etc.  There are others in the pipeline.  Whoever of them comes  
first  is served first, ---  as long as the money will last.


On Feb 24, 2008, at 4:56 PM, ashok.aklujkar wrote:

> Dear Michael,
> The following mail of yours must have been sent to the whole list by
> oversight. No problem. To respond briefly, I placed a printout of  
> my notes
> on approximately the first 250 pages of the published volume 1 of  
> Raghavan's
> edn in your mailbox on 08 December 2002 (as I had come to Harvard as
> visiting professor at that time) and I mailed you a photocopy of  
> the text of
> Ingalls's Preface (what we were up to that point imprecisely calling
> "Introduction") on 3/4 January 2003. I also sent you a pdf of the  
> former on
> 08 December 2002.  If for some reason you cannot locate the  
> printout, the
> pdf, the photocopy and our e-mail correspondence of the time, I  
> will gladly
> make the files/documents available to you again. It will, however,  
> take a
> little time to regain access to Ingalls' Preface for photocopying,  
> since my
> study is being reorganized to accommodate the books and papers I  
> had to
> bring home from my UBC office.
> My e-mail addresses <ashok.aklujkar at> and
> <aklujkar at> still work. The latter may, however,  
> be phased
> out by UBC in the months to come.
> With best wishes,
> ashok
> From: Michael Witzel <witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU>
> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 08:55:12 -0500
> To: <INDOLOGY at>
> Subject: Re: Sankara and the Authorship Issue
> Dear Ashok,
> your note (below, and your new email address) remind me of the talk
> we had some years ago.
> I plan to bring out the 2nd part of Raghavan's Srinagraprakasa later
> this year. Could you  please make a search for your old notes (and
> Ingalls' notes, I recall) on this text so that we might be able to
> include them in the edition?

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