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For a number of references: K.H. Potter (ed.), Advaita Vedaanta up to
"Sa;nkara and His Pupils. Delhi etc. 1981 (Encyclopedia of Indian
Philosophies, 3).

With regard to the authorship question of the Paatañjalayo"
Chapter 6. (pp. 205-242) of W. Halbfass, Tradition and Reflection.
Explorations in Indian Thought. New York 1991.

By the way, T.S. Rukmani did not prepare a new edition of the
Paatañjalayo", but rather published a copy of the
Madras-edition (Paatañ of
"Sa;nkara-Bhagavatpaada. Critically ed. with Introduction by 
 Polakam Sri
Rama Sastri 
 and S.R. Krishnamurthi Sastri 
 Madras 1952 (Madras Government
Oriental Series, 94). For details please see the review of her translation
by K. Harimoto in JAOS 124,1.

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> Dear Indologists,
> I’m trying to find recent material  that deals with Sankara and
> the authorship
> problem. I know the papers by Paul Hacker translated in _Philology and
> Confrontation_. Any references on the topic since (or before)
> would be greatly
> appreciated.
> With thanks,
> Shyam Ranganathan
> Department of Philosophy
> York University

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