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Hi Arlo:

You may know these:

EI XXIII: #7: 42-52: A.S.Atlekar, Three Mukhari Inscriptions on Yupas,
kRta year 295. (Stone yuupas begin ca. 2nd CE, innovation over the
wooden ones, from Buddhist pillars: Garga-triraatra ritual, an amalgam
of agniSToma, ukhthya, and atiraatra.)

EI XXIV: #33: 245-251:  A.S.Atlekar, Allahabad Museum Yupa Inscription:
Sivadatta's saptasomasaMstha

EI XXIV: #34: 251-253: A.S.Atlekar, Fourth Yupa Inscription from Badva,
3rd CE: aaptoryaama ritual

EI  XXVII: #43: 252-267: A.S.Atlekar, Nandsa Yupa Inscriptions, kRta
year 282: a 61-day sattra (!) ekazaSTiraatra

I think I know the Chchabra article you cite, but can't locate it just
now to see if the above appear in it.  

Of course, M. Beardeau's Posts.

Best, TP

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Is anyone aware of further literature about, or discoveries of new  
inscribed Yuupas, besides those assembled in B. Ch. Chhabra, "Yuupa  
Inscriptions", in India Antiqua (Fel. Vol. J. Ph. Vogel, Leiden 1947)?

Does anyone have access to or know about good illustrations? (I have  
found the AIIS photo of the Badva Yuupa that is available online.)

Thank you,

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